honey, i’m home [temporarily]

hello friends! i’m going to give this whole blogging thing a go. we’ll see what happens. wish me luck.

a couple of housekeeping notes to start us off. first, the name of the site is “corn to apple” because i’m going from indiana to nyc. get it? okay, cool. second, i’ve noticed that a lot of these travel blogs are filled with pictures. this one will not be. well, that’s not totally true. i will try my best to get more photos. but when you’re living in a neighborhood with a million people and none of them are tourists, you look kind of silly with a camera around your neck. when i do touristy things, i will whip out the DSLR. but for now, words will have to do.

also, for those of you who aren’t completely sure what i’m doing in nyc, i am a part of a program within new york university’s tisch school of the arts where i am focusing on film and television production. tisch is in washington square park and i am living in union square. yay!

i have a lot of thoughts in my mind about my first week in the city, so i figured i would make a list of five things i’ve learned during my first week in the city. here goes.

1. walking is love, walking is life. i walk ten blocks to my classes. i walk ten blocks back from classes. i walk fifteen minutes to lunch. i walk an hour when i forget where i am going while talking on the phone and i have to use google maps and then i get even more lost and then after another half hour i finally make it back to my apartment. it’s exhausting. but also such a wonderful way to experience my new home.

2. nyu is very different from butler. of course i was expecting that. i mean, nyu has 50,000 students and it’s in new york city. but not only that, the people are very different. i think it’s safe to say that many of the people in my classes are “quirky”. they’re all studying video game design or acting or dramatic writing. it’s fascinating. during the day, one of the lobby’s at tisch is turned into a video game hub, and dozens of people sit around and play different video games. also—and not that there aren’t people like this at butler—but nearly everyone that i’ve met here has the same interests as me. on my first day, i walked into class and two guys were talking about louis c.k. aka my favorite comedian and someone i am so inspired by. it was like a sign from baby jesus himself that i’m surrounded by very like-minded people. last night, my roommate brought up these obscure interviews that i’ve obsessed over for years and thought no one else watched—and she loves them too! the passion that these people have for not only our shared interests, but for interests beyond my own is very inspiring. for a long time, i’ll admit, i’ve felt a little alone reading and watching and learning everything i could about the entertainment industry, and it’s very nice to know that a community exists.

3. my classes are intimidating. two of my professors have ACADEMY AWARDS. this is not a joke people. two out of my four professors have an oscar—and both are women—YAY! that in it of itself is a little overwhelming. but also, what a great opportunity to learn from the best of the best. my main class, which is a production course where i will be directing or assisting in creating twenty short films, is daunting. i’m very nervous but also excited to find a visual outlet for my creativity. wish me luck—we start shooting next week!

4. being alone it totally okay. i entered this journey of a semester only knowing one other person at this school. i packed my bags, left the comfort of indiana, and moved to a city with eight million people. because i’ve always lived in the same town with the same people my whole life, i’ve never really had to make friends. it’s a skill set that, i’ll admit, i have little experience with. so this week has been a challenge. it’s been a challenge to force myself to talk to strangers. it’s been a challenge to be away from the friends and family that i know so well. it’s been a challenge to learn that sometimes, it’s okay if you’re alone. it’s okay if some of this journey is spent just discovering myself and the city on my own. this is not to say that i haven’t already met some wonderful people, i have. and i know that the relationships will only continue to grow. but this semester is a process, and i must be patient.

5. i am meant to be in this city. the little bits of bad and sad that i’ve felt this week are so overpowered by the good. i walk the streets and i feel a buzz of excitement in my belly. i love the energy and the opportunity that is found at every corner. i am so very happy to be here, and i can’t wait for what’s in store.

talk to you soon, friends! xo abby


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