lots of stuff to say, again.

okay, i know, i know, it’s been more than a week since my first post. not even two weeks into this thing, and i’m already behind. isn’t that just how it goes sometimes? or, more accurately, isn’t that how it goes all the time when you’re an expert procrastinator like me?

anyways, i hope you are all doing well! i want to thank you for being so darn lovely with my first post. it was so nice hearing from so many different people from so many different corners of my life. i really appreciate it!

now let’s get into it. this past week [plus some] has been a whirlwind of new experiences, new information, and lots o’ fun. i’ll try to make this short and sweet, but also no promises that this will not turn into a short novel.

i kind of liked the list format i had last week—it just helps my racing mind compartmentalize everything that’s been going on. this time, i’ve decided to break my past week into short little chapters of observations.

new york is hella expensive

okay, so i expected this city to be pricey. but my golly, i didn’t expect it to be this expensive. who do you think i am, NYC? donald trump? [i apologize for this lame and terrible joke. i am tired. at least it’s topical?] last week, i went out for dinner and drinks with friends. just a casual, innocent night out on the town. HA KIDDING. i don’t want to get into the specifics, because my bank account is still in denial, but we paid a disgusting amount of money for drinks. i learned my lesson very quickly that we ain’t in indiana no more.

broadway is just the best

growing up, i was exposed to a lot of live theater, whether at purdue university or in chicago or new york. i feel so fortunate to have had these experiences from such a young age and it’s safe to say that they turned me into a slight broadway geek.

[disclaimer: before anyone asks, i do not have tickets to “hamilton”. it is a sore subject, one that i try to forget on a daily basis. please pray for me, that i somehow find a way into a live performance of that masterpiece.]

on saturday, my lovely parents flew into the city to see “allegiance”, a musical about the internment of japanese-americans during world war II. the story is based on george takei’s life. he played a character in “star trek” [and that about covers my knowledge of “star trek”] and was forced into concentration camps with his family during the war. lea salonga, the voice of mulan and jasmine in “aladdin” played his sister and was absolutely as wonderful as you would expect. going into the theater, i wasn’t too sure about the storyline. i didn’t know if it would capture my attention, if it would hook me like other shows have. fortunately, it did all of those things, and more. it was a beautifully told story of hardship and determination, and one that needs to be told more often. once again, broadway took my breath away.

comedy is mostly all i care about

people who know me well know that stand-up comedy is incredibly important to me. this is not a joke or an over-exaggeration, this is a fact. i listen to stand-up every day, without fail. i love the vulnerability it requires, i love how one person on a stage can hold my attention better than most television shows or movies. it’s my favorite thing.

one of my favorite stand-up comedians is mike birbiglia. to be more specific, birbiglia is my third favorite comedian, with louis c.k. and john mulaney taking first and second, respectively. nevertheless, he is one of the greats. i got to see him perform back at butler last year and it was magical. last week, i saw that he has a temporary residence in the east village and my parents and i went to see him on saturday.

man oh man, is birbiglia just a genius. every time he looked at me—it was a really small theater—i fell in love a little bit. the show was perfect.

one of the reasons i’m so excited about living here is because really good comedy is so accessible. the comedy cellar is blocks away from me; so is the upright citizens brigade, founded by my queen amy poehler. i’m living in my own, quirky, disney world.

celebrities – they’re just like us!

this is a really quick story, but it’s cool and very tisch, so i thought i’d mention it. in one of my classes, my professor casually dropped that spike lee is oftentimes seen strolling through the tisch building. i didn’t really believe him, and i certainly didn’t think that i would ever be lucky enough to witness him myself.

well, life is full of fun surprises. on monday, i was walking to the bathroom during class, when a short little man in glasses walked by me. it took me a second, and i had to do multiple double takes, but it was definitely spike lee.

so that was cool.

school is hard but also very cool

not much to say here. my classes are hard. the information comes in waves and a lot of it is very foreign to me. but my professors are brilliant and the assignments are exciting. i’m eager to keep learning about all of the stuff i am so fascinated by. to stop being a spectator and to start being a creator.

sorry this is so long, once again. this stuff is fun to write about! i hope you all have a great week and i will talk to you soon! xo abby


i’ve recently gotten into spoken word poetry. i know, the hipsters are invading my soul. anyways, i’ve linked some of my favorites from a poet named sarah kay. her words are wonderful.






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