tired n’ inspired

i’m back and it’s been exactly a week. look at that i can be punctual and reliant! i’m sticking with the headline thing i did last week—i think it worked well. i’m a fan.

lots o’ coughing lots o’ netflix.

i’m sick and it sucks. i started feeling lousy on saturday and i’m just now starting to feel completely good-ish. being sick is the worst because your whole plan and schedule gets thrown out the window and you’re stuck watching “jane the virgin” for hours on end. actually, watching “jane the virgin” for hours on end is not a bad deal. but being sick is.

side note, if you’re not watching “jane the virgin”. watch “jane the virgin”. it’s on netflix. i don’t really have anything clever or funny or charming to say about it because nothing i say can adequately explain how clever and funny and charming this show is.

busy as a bee. 

so up until last week, i’ll be honest, there hasn’t been much schoolwork. i have had some assignments here and there, but most of my classes are only once a week so i always have an obnoxious amount of time to complete them. my schedule’s been pretty chill.

that is, until now. i explained it a little bit in my first post, but one of my classes is a film production course. twice a week, we have a four hour lecture about cameras or lighting or editing. my professor is like a theatrical snape from harry potter and he goes on these crazy awesome tangents that are full of wisdom, if you’re able to keep up.

we’ve been broken into crews of four people. i’m with girls from nyu and they’ve been really welcoming and patient. each week we go out into the city and shoot two short films together. our camera comes in this obnoxiously big case—like a suitcases—and we lug it around the city with us. so far, it’s been really challenging and exciting. i’m like a wide eyed puppy, trying to help as much as i can and praying i don’t screw up. it’s all sorts of new and all sorts of fun.

familiar faces.  

this weekend, mel and mike lang came to the city to see “hamilton” and approximately forty one other broadway shows. mel and mike are the kind of people who just make you feel good. mel was my counselor at camp tecumseh when i was fifteen, and she’s been a constant source of sarcasm and guidance since. mike’s been my director at camp the past couple of summers and i’m just blown away by his brilliance and his passion to serve. we met up for dinner on saturday night and breakfast on sunday. it was so great to be with my camp family, even if it was just for a bit.

also, i haven’t mentioned this before, but one of my best childhood friends—neha—transferred to nyu this semester. we were next door neighbors growing up and we have so many fun memories together. i was so excited [and relieved—i was worried about making friends] when i found out we would be at the same school. so far, it’s been great to catch up and explore the city together. we have some adventures planned, and i can’t wait.

people are funny, i like people. 

i’ve talked about it in my other posts, but i really like comedians. i love them like i love chipotle and disney world and diet coke.

one of the greatest people out there is amy poehler. she is everything i aspire to be. she is my Queen. when amy was living in nyc, before snl, she and some friends started a comedy theatre called upright citizens brigade. it now has tons of locations, a few in the city and some in los angeles. it is the place to practice and perform for upcoming comedians.

ucb has shows everyday, some stand-up, some improv, some sketch, some a mix of all three. tickets are $5 to $10 dollars, and the shows happen in this little, kind of dumpy but in a welcoming way, theatre. this weekend i went to two shows and it was so fun. some of the comedians are really funny, some of them are less funny. but no matter what, the show is a good time. it’s a quirky atmosphere and i always leave feeling really happy.

i’m gonna be in the room where it happens. 

so i did my whole broadway love story rant last week—i love broadway, you know it, i know it, awesome.

coming into this semester, there was one thing on my to-do list that was really important and seemed really impossible to accomplish:

see “hamilton”.

if you’re not listening to “hamilton”, shame on you. i’m being serious. this show is a masterpiece, it is important, it is so damn brilliant. lin manuel miranda is our time’s shakespeare. because of all that, the show is sold out until december.

so basically i was feeling pretty good about my chances of getting a ticket. lol, just kidding.

on saturday night, i almost bought a ticket off of a stranger on the street. my “hamilton” googles and my mid-western tendency to trust anyone caused me to nearly buy a ticket that probably wasn’t even real. afterwards, i called my mom and started tearing up in the forever 21 in times square because i wanted a ticket that bad. i know, a very first-world problem but a very BIG first-world problem.

and now is when i get to reveal to the world that I AM SEEING HAMILTON, thanks to my WONDERFUL and LOVELY and GENEROUS parents. i’m still speechless about the whole thing.

cya march 16th, alexander.

madeleine and abby take nyc. 

MY SISTER IS VISITING THIS WEEKEND. i am very excited to see my best pal.

more writing from me. 

this week i found out that i am going to be a writer for a website called the Lala. it’s a website founded by two purdue grads and it’s a wonderfully vulnerable and smart website for college gals and i feel very lucky to have been chosen. so, if you think you can stand more writing from me—please keep your eyes peeled for my articles!

sorry i’m not sorry. 

i’m just gonna stop commenting on the length of these things, they’re not gonna get shorter. you know it. i know it.

talk to you soon friends! xo abby


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