happy one month nyc!

i’ve been here for a month! oh how time flies when you’re having fun.

lights camera action

this morning, my first short film was due. it was screened in front of my entire class and afterwards i went to the front of the room while it was discussed in great detail. and it was overwhelming and nerve wracking and incredibly helpful.

my movie was okay. the requirement for this film was that it include a chase sequence. i enlisted my friend neha and she played a paranoid girl walking through washington square park. she was fidgety and nervous and she couldn’t stop looking around, trying to see if someone was following her. it was then revealed during some close-up shots that an imagined version of her own self was following her.

this was my first time planning, envisioning, directing, and editing anything. i’ve never done this stuff before—i’ve only ever imagined doing it. so as a beginner, of course it was difficult and frustrating at points. but a lot of it was really exciting. when i was editing it yesterday, i just kept getting butterflies in my stomach when i thought of a new idea or cut. i truly enjoyed the process and i know that with time, it will become much easier.

my dream came true i can die happy

on friday night, i went out to dinner with four friends. they are all visiting students too. in my first blog, i talked about how people here are very similar to me in terms of interests and goals. every time i am with these friends, i am reminded again and again how true this is. i kid you not, we spent four hours at the restaurant, just talking away about comedians and tv shows and movies. it was so fun. just so fun. for really the first time in my life, i am able to talk about very obscure interviews and shows and have no fear that i will be understood and met with the same enthusiasm.

after dinner, i met up with neha because it was her 21st birthday! yay neha! yay being legal! we didn’t really have a plan, so we decided to wander around the west village. while walking along macdougal street, we realized that the comedy cellar had a show starting in ten minutes.

okay, the comedy cellar is very important to me. i’m sure i’ve mentioned it in every blog, but it is a very big deal. it is like the broadway of stand-up and it has been my dream to get inside ever since i first saw louis c.k walk down the cellar steps in the opening sequence of “louie”.

so you know where this is going, it’s a predictable story, i get it. but in case you’re lost—we got into the comedy cellar! we were the last two to get inside and i’m pretty sure it was because it was neha’s birthday and we wouldn’t stop yelling at the bouncer. whatever, it worked.

the sets were marvelous and magical and very funny. i never wanted to leave that little roomed lined with brick walls and laughter and filled with sangria and hilariousness.

sister sister never knew how much i missed her 

madeleine visited me this weekend! it was a grand ol’ time. let me tell you about it.

on saturday afternoon, we strolled around the east village and campus. bowery street is so eclectic and way too cool for me but i still really like going. i feel like i’m on the set of “broad city” which is the ideal dream.

saturday night, we went to dinner at this delicious mexican restaurant. we were there for almost three hours, just chatting and eating chips and guac. you know, as us girls do. then we literally sprinted through times square to make it to the show “an american in paris”. i was determined to make it before the lights dimmed. us bien girls do not arrive to shows late. we arrive late to everything else. but not broadway shows.

before i talk about the beauty that was “an american in paris”, can i just say how much i hate times square? it is so cluttered with people and lights and noise and construction. it is the physical representation of a panic attack. it’s also not what new york city is about at all and it makes me sad to think that so many people think that times square encapsulates new york. because it does not.

anyways, rant over. onto “an american in paris”. oh my golly was that a splendid show. the story was adorable and slightly unexpected [meaning the girl almost ends up with the nerdy boy but then at the last second she picks the cute boy are we surprised? no, but whatever, my heart loved it]. and the dancing. oh the dancing. my eyes were mesmerized and i had a permanent smile on my face. it was perfectly lovely.

the next morning we went to chelsea market for lunch. if you’ve ever been to the milwaukee public market, it really reminds me of that. it’s inside this industrial building, and they’ve kept the steel bars and brick walls and filled it with cutesy shops and restaurants. i love it a lot. afterwards, we walked along the high line which is one of the best spots i’ve found in the city so far.

then, madeleine went home. which i did not like. i love every moment i get with my best pal, and i miss her already.

some word vomit 

when i’m home in indiana, i always wish that i could be happy if i stayed in indiana forever. but i don’t think i can. and it’s not because i think i’m better than indiana or the people who live there, because i do not. at all. i love that state with my whole heart and i am so proud to be from there. it’s just, what i want to do with my life and what i truly believe will make me a happy person—it can’t happen in indiana. and that sucks. because not only does this fact force me to step outside of my midwest comfort zone, but it forces me to risk a lot of stability and to just hope and pray that where i’m going will be good.

basically, the unknown is scary and so are my dreams.

i don’t know if this makes sense or if it really applies to the premise of this blog, but it’s what i’m thinking.

ok it’s over you did it 

thanks for reading again! i really do appreciate those of you who are taking the time to read this. it means so much and it makes my soul very happy. xo abby


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