let’s just jump into it.

he was sixty and had a silver bob 

this past weekend was rather chill. i started rewatching “louie” because the newest season is coming out on netflix and so far, it’s been a beautiful experience. there’s no reason you really need to know this information, but i kinda love that i’ve mentioned louis c.k. in every post and i’m not about to ruin that flow. so there, louis c.k has made an appearance. let’s move on.

on friday, a few friends and i went to The Coolest Bar Ever. that’s not actually the name but it totally should be. to get to the bar you had to walk down these eerie steps with a green light illuminating the staircase. but then the the doors opened and you experienced a feeling not unlike when dorothy enters oz for the first time. the only music that played was old 50’s tunes. all the men had beards and were wearing flannels and were most definitely trying too hard to be alternative, which is annoying but also i lowkey appreciated it. everyone was just dancing and swingin’ and it was honestly the ideal situation. plus, the dj was sixty with a silver bob and he was playing music through a record player. you can’t make this stuff up.

i’ve officially become rachel green 

okay, when i say i’ve become rachel green i mean that i resemble one quality that she has for one episode and then decides it’s weird and changes her ways. but that was too long of a header.

you know in that episode of “friends” where rachel starts hanging out with herself? she goes out to dinner alone and to the movies and soon enough, she’s choosing to hang out alone instead of with other people? that’s kind of what’s happening to me.

i’m finding that i really love doing things just by myself. i don’t mean hanging in my room and watching netflix. i’ve known i love to hang in my room and watch netflix for a long time. i mean other, more productive and mentally beneficial stuff.

like going to panels and walking around central park. first off, it’s not like you even talk to your friends when you go to a panel. you’re there to listen and absorb. this past week, i’ve gone to two panels alone. and both times, i’ve walked in slightly weary of my solo-ness. but throughout the sessions, and afterwards, i’ve felt like i really soaked up the words. because i had nothing distracting me and i had no one there to deter me from making my own observations and conclusions.

also i walked through central park on sunday after shooting with my crew. i plugged in my headphones, turned on some “lumineers”, and enjoyed that perfect place. it was blissful.

before i move on, i just want to explain that this being alone thing is not a sad thing. i have friends and stuff, promise. it’s a self discovery thing. it’s a good thing.

let’s leave it to emmanuel lubezki

this semester is showing me—loud and clear—that writing is a thing i like a lot. i’ve always enjoyed writing and i’ve always been an okay writer [as opposed to say math or science or french or p.e., of which i am terrible]. but i’ve been hesitant to say that writing is definitely where i saw myself in a professional sense. because i didn’t ever know what it was like to do any of the other jobs in the world i love—film + tv, until this semester.

not only am i learning that i really like writing, but i’m also learning that my skills don’t necessarily shine in other aspects of this craft. like cinematography for example. cameras are scary and intimidating and being the cinematographer is an insanely huge job. you’re in charge of turning the director’s vision into a reality. and i sometimes don’t feel qualified or confident enough to do that. i just don’t think that’s a job i’m meant to have. which is totally fine. and i like that i’m able to cross that off my list of “future jobs i could maybe have”. i get to cross it off the list because i’m having experiences that are giving me the opportunity to learn and explore. which is amazing.

plus, i’m cool with being a writer. or maybe a producer. or maybe a director. ugh, i don’t know. so many things are fun right now.

yup i’m going there 

you saw the title, you know where we’re going.

earlier this week, i went to a panel called “all the single ladies”. rebecca traister is a feminist writer who just came out with a new book named after The Queen Beyonce’s song. the panel also included “elle” magazine’s editor-in-chief robbie myers and jess mcintosh from emily’s list, an organization that works to get pro-choice women into office.

these ladies are badass, let me tell ya. they are so freakin’ brilliant and passionate and i want to be them when i grow up. a lot of what they said made me think about the world i want to be a part of; a world that is better than the one we’re living in today.

now, i’m sure i’m making some people a lil’ uncomfortable with this. you thought you were going to be reading about my trip to times square! or about when i passed julianne moore on the street [which did happen]! well, sorry i’m not sorry. this is my blog and this is what’s on my mind.

hillary has got to be our next president. it’s not even a question anymore. and it goes so far beyond the fact that she’s a women, although that does help. she’s obviously the most qualified. her goals for our nation’s future are tangible and specific. she isn’t making any promises that can’t realistically be met. she has garnered the support from organizations like planned parenthood and the human rights campaign and the new york times—all of which are trusted and so important.

and this isn’t about not liking bernie. i do like bernie [although i do feel he is making a lot of big promises]. this is about hillary. she’s ready for this and we need her.

i realize this little tangent written by a 21 year old on a laptop covered with “diet coke” and “chipotle” stickers is not going to change your mind. i also realize that this is at the end of a blog with 100 readers and probably only five people are going to read this far. but i don’t think that these facts should stop me from saying this stuff. because it’s matters. and i want to use my voice, as small as it may be.

xo abby





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