women r cool

every day should be international women’s day

last night as i was falling asleep, i really disliked myself. why? because i had lived through international women’s day 2016 and i hadn’t celebrated on any form of social media. but i had very valid and respectable reasons for my silence. one, i was busy planning + filming + editing a new short film due tomorrow and i was very stressed, friends. two, i have so much to say about so many women and i wanted to save it for this post.

this past week, i got to witness six super inspirational + intelligent goddesses in the flesh.

on thursday, i went to a film screening of a movie called “weiner dog”. it premiered at sundance this year—an event that i follow with an almost concerning amount of intensity. “weiner dog” was a movie i was eager to see so i hopped on the chance to experience it before it hits theaters [or amazon; that’s who bought it]. christine vachon produced it and she is an awesome human who also produced “carol” this year. after the movie, christine and the director—a man who i can confidently say is the quirkiest human i have ever committed thirty minutes of my life to—spoke to the audience. it was a very cool, very film school-y experience. also, “weiner dog” is a weird little movie. still not sure how i feel about it. ask me after midterms.

on friday, i did something very new and very amazing and wonderful. i went to hear sarah kay, a spoken word poet perform. i talked about her in my second post, i think. until this semester, i really didn’t give poetry a second glance. i’m so annoyed with my former self and the judgement i had towards this medium. spoken word poetry is the shit. when sarah was performing, my eyes and ears were glued. my whole self was focused.

on saturday, i went to a panel with four women who each write for different comedy platforms. one wrote for “sex and the city” and now runs the bravo show “odd mom out”, one writes for “unbreakable kimmy schmidt”, one writes for the website “above average”, and one is the head writer on “the nightly show with larry wilmore”. watching them discuss their careers and offer advice and play off of one another’s humor was honestly very magical. it was like physical and tangible assurance that us women are hella funny and hella successful.

so basically, women rock this world and stuff. #girlpower

so i forgot i was actually in school until this week 

i’ve been going to all my classes and participating and doing the work this semester, but it hasn’t been crazy stressful. i think that’s mostly because i genuinely enjoy all of my classes and i am super eager to learn and apply the information. [not that i don’t love every class at butler just as much as i do here…]

anyways, this week got intense, folks. i had an eight page paper due on tuesday that required i visit the MoMA, watch a documentary, and do lots o’ research. i enjoyed the topic – i mean i was required to go to the greatest museum—but it was still a lot of work. so that was tough. side note the documentary i watched is called “marina abramovic: the artist is present” and it is fascinating [and is on netflix]. marina is a stellar women.

also, i was supposed to film my latest short film on saturday but at the last minute, all my scheduling plans fell through. so i had to devise a completely new idea in two days. i just now filmed it yesterday and it’s due tomorrow morning, along with a six page reflection. it was a quite stressful three days. movie magic is not always magic. a lot of times it’s hurried and overwhelming.

but even with this stuff that’s not super fun, school is still crazy cool. i am getting to learn about all the things i want to learn about. and i actually like going to class—a sentence i have legitimately never said in my 21 years of living.

things that i like this week

here are some things i like and i want to tell you what they are and why i like them.

[kendrick lamar] okay, i am so not a rap person. i have a taylor swift blanket on my bed and i listen to the “up” soundtrack when i’m stressed out. but i like to be #cool and #current so after his grammy’s performance, i decided to give kendrick lamar a listen. and holy cow, this dude knows what he is doing. “to pimp a butterfly” is kind of magic.

also, this music video is insane and very relevant. we’ve watched it in two of my classes. who knew a music video could be so educational?

[bojack horseman] something that separates me from a huge portion of the “tisch film student” pack is that i don’t watch animated shows. i mean, of course i watched spongebob and rugrats with incredible concentration as a child, but i haven’t willingly watched a cartoon in years. the girls in my crew talk about different shows a lot and the only one i vaguely recognized was “bojack horseman”. i knew it was on netflix and i knew they thought it was funny, so i decided to throw my admitted hesitance towards the sky and press play. and you know what? it’s pretty good. it’s actually really good. i’ve openly laughed out loud enough times for me to keep pressing “next episode”.

[annie hall] okay, so usually i don’t like to like people if they have done things that are creepy or arguably illegal. but in woody allen’s case, i can’t—for the sake of art itself—not allow myself to view his work. “midnight in paris” is one of my favorite movies. it fills me with happiness and sparkles and all the good things. this week i watched “annie hall” for the first time. i know. but you know when there’s something you know you’re supposed to watch but you don’t watch it because you know you’re supposed to watch it? you following me? “annie hall” was that movie for me. but i finally did it. i watched it. and i enjoyed it all the way through, just like i knew i would.

[louis c.k] you know i wasn’t about to finish this post without mentioning my ginger king. i am a member of louis’ email group—because of course i am—and this week, he sent out an email demolishing donald trump. i agree with most of it and was entertained by all of it.

i kind of miss the corn fields 

the other day i got on the wrong subway and rode all the way to queens before i could turn around. and guess what queens has? lots of sky. i was kind of taken aback at first because i realized i hadn’t seen that much sky in weeks. it made me a little nostalgic for that indiana air. and while i won’t be home for two months, i do have some of indiana coming to visit me soon, so so soon.

erin, one of my best friends and one of the greatest humans i know is coming to the city tomorrow. i am so excited i can barely stand it.

then, on monday, the bien clan is coming for spring break. we have an insane week planned [hello “hamilton” and seth meyers!!] and i don’t know if my heart is ready for it.

and that’s all i got! back to editing. xo abby

oh – wait! my first article for the Lala is out. i would super appreciate it if you would check it out here!


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