bringing some corn to the apple | part one

hello! i am as disappointed as you are that i am posting this four days late. actually, you’re probably not that disappointed because this blog is understandably very low on your radar and truthfully, i’m not that disappointed either. what can i say? i’m a procrastinator and i’m proud.

but really, i have a good reason for my hiatus. it was spring break this past week—and you know what that means! beaches! sun! tan! margaritas!

so while none of that gloriousness graced my life this past week [except for the margarita part], i did have a very eventful #SB2k16. and so begins the recap. i suggest you grab a diet coke or some cheezits to accompany you—this is gonna be a long one, folks.

thursday | march 10th 

back at butler, i have found just the greatest group of gal pals. they occupy a huge part of my heart and i’ve missed them every day of this semester. they get me and they accept my lack of volume control and my affinity for celeb gossip—and not just because they’re really nice—but because they actually like me! it’s a cool thing we have going on.

on thursday, one of the most wonderful people in my life came to visit the city. erin and i have been friends ever since we both joined our sorority, and i can honestly say i do not know what i would do without her.

when she got here, we ran and hugged and all the good stuff. then, we headed to madison square garden where our butler bulldawgs were playing against providence. we met up with her brother andrew. he’s a med student at iu and more importantly, he likes louis c.k. just as much as me which made the weekend so fun [more to come on that later].

okay you know it, i know it, providence knows it—the dawgs didn’t have their best game. but we still love them all the same, and the game was still really fun. also, like no one in msg knew where butler was located which made me sad but also made me feel like i was a part of this really cool, exclusive club that has lots o’ puppies and a terrible parking system.

after the game, erin and andrew and i decided that we were going to try to get into the comedy cellar. you know the drill—the comedy cellar is my heaven blah blah blah. before going, i warned andrew and erin that getting in without a reserved ticket is really hard, and i’ve been turned down before. they were committed to the cause and we made our way to macdougal street.

we put our name on the list, went to a bar to pass the time, and came back, praying to sweet baby jesus that fate was on our side. and what do you know—the last three people let into the cellar at 11:30 on thursday march 10th? erin and andrew west and abby bien. score.

before we go further, i just need to remind you how much i love louis c.k. it’s honestly nearing a full on obsession and i am only slightly ashamed. i just really like the dude. you know this if you’ve read my other posts, seeing as his appearance in every single one is the only consistent part of this thing.

i follow the comedy cellar on instagram and they had posted not even a week earlier a picture of louis performing. so the idea of louis being at the show we barely got into didn’t even cross my mind—he had done a set only days earlier.

and now is the part where i get to tell you that on march 10th, 2016, I SAW LOUIS C.K. PERFORM AT THE COMEDY CELLAR WITH MY OWN EYEBALLS. when the emcee announced his name, my whole being froze and my mind went blank. i am not exaggerating, although for my own sanity, i kind of wish i was.

when i regained consciousness, i began listening to every word he said like i needed them to breathe. i just wanted to soak it all up; didn’t want to miss a thing. i mean, there he was, black t shirt, goatee, and all.

coming into this semester, going to the comedy cellar was truly one of the only things i wanted to do. i think that to be a student of this industry, you just have to expose and listen as often as you can. and the cellar is the ultimate classroom. and of course, in my wildest dreams, i hoped i would #1 get into the cellar and #2 i would get to see louis at the cellar.

and it all happened. it actually happened. now i need to come up with another bucket list item because that was literally the only thing on it.

friday | march 11th 

on friday, after my producing class [which i am enjoying so very much], i met up with erin and her family at eataly, this really fun restaurant. we walked around and drank fancy wine that we pretended to understand. it was a delight. and dinner was delicious.

afterwards, erin and andrew and i went to meet up with andrew’s friends. everyone we were with was wearing fancy dresses and erin and i were in sweaters and flannels. you know, just being girly and stuff. as we do.

we went to this bar near the cellar and oh my golly was it a blast. there was a live band that played so many killer songs and every member of the band was so beautiful and edgy and i want to be them very badly.

saturday | march 12th 

on saturday morning, erin and i met up with andrew at the met. i was excited to go with them because i haven’t had the chance to visit yet. i was also excited because the met is free and i adore free activities.

we wandered around and spent some time with king george’s armor and mulan’s samari swords and washington as he crossed the delaware. it was lovely. also, i am very aware that they were not actually mulan’s but also i’m very aware that a little imagination never hurt nobody.

so every family has those movies and shows and places that they really really love. they’re just your family’s thing and they’re maybe kind of weird but whatever, you know?

the west family loves balto. like really loves balto. he’s a sled dog in alaska who saved all of these people’s lives by sledding medicine to them—i think. also i’m just going to be upright and honest, even with all of the balto talk that occurred last week, i had to google his name before writing this post. my apologies, balto [and erin].

anyways, there’s a balto statue in central park and erin and i met her family there after the met. everyone was very excited about the dog and i was excited because erin kicked a six year old off the statue to get a picture and it was hilarious.

after saying goodbye to the west clan, erin and i went to the natural history museum. it was cool but it also gave me a heavy dose of elementary school field trip vibes. the dinosaur bones were impressive, i’ll give you that, ben stiller.

during a movie about dinosaurs or something at the museum, erin and i yelped mexican restaurants and then ventured to the one that claimed to have good margaritas. priorities.

after dinner, we headed back to my apartment to ready ourselves for the best activity ever. i’ve been hearing about this show called ‘drunk shakespeare’ for a while now. i knew it was something i wanted to do while i was here, but i needed a reason to splurge. what better reason than having your bestie in town?

the only bad part about this show was that it’s in times square. ugh. after we tackled that tangible anxiety attack, we entered this very questionable elevator inside a very questionable building. the doors opened, we got in line, and guess what?! i forgot my id! for a show called ‘drunk shakespeare’! how very me of me.

i pulled out all the midwest niceness i could muster in my time of need, and walked up to the usher. and he let me pass! what a saint. we entered the theater and it was basically just four book shelves making a square with bar stools all around.

the idea of this show is that five classically trained shakespearean actors put on a play and one of them gets really really drunk. they improvise a lot and interact with the audience and incorporate a lot of current events into the storyline. it’s honestly the most beautiful concoction of chaos that i’ve ever witnessed. erin and i both walked out saying that we hadn’t laughed that hard in months.

after ‘drunk shakespeare’ we got ben+jerry’s and watched ‘horrible bosses’. because there’s no better ending to the best weekend than eating ice cream and watching a movie.

sunday | march 13th 

erin left and it was really sad and it totally sucked.

and now is when i decide i’m gonna break my spring break timeline into two posts because this one is actually the length of the first harry potter.

thanks as always for reading! xo abby

p.s. – erin, thanks for leaving florida early to come and visit the glamorousness that is nyc public transit and my dorm room. thanks for pretending like you weren’t annoyed every time i got us lost in my own neighborhood—you’re the real queen b. thanks for being my shoulder to hyperventilate on when louis came on the stage. thanks for letting me crash your fam vacation. those three days were exactly what i needed and i miss you already. i miss you always, love you mucho.


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