beyoncé poops too

hello! i am very tired right now. there are multiple people around me [i’m at the library] who are taking naps on the floor. very tempted to join in. almost joined in. seriously considering joining in. i guess while i ponder if i am the type of person who naps in public, i will write. apologies for the spelling errors in advance.

[update | i left the library + went home and took a nap. it is many hours later. i am ready to write now.]

taking snapshots 

in pam + jim’s wedding episode of ‘the office’, pam tells jim that they should take mental ‘snapshots’ of their favorite memories from the day. later on, pam snapshots jim after he cuts his tie so she doesn’t feel weird about her torn veil and it’s so cute i’m very near tearing up just thinking about it.

anyways, i’m kind of trying to do the same thing. a lot of the shine and sparkle of the city has faded, but there are two things that i don’t think will ever be dull. walking around the city alone + sitting in parks. i romanticize these two things a lot but they never seem to disappoint.

i’ve been taking a lot of walks lately. i’ve taken multiple 4+ mile walks this week to different areas of the city. i think a big part of me is afraid of leaving in two weeks without having had enough time to soak it all in. walks are an easy way to cover a lot of territory. the subway’s quick, but you miss everything when you’re underground.

this weekend, i walked down to battery park. i made the mistake of going down broadway—where all of the humans gather on weekends. i really dislike crowds [throwback to when i called times square ‘a physical representation of a panic attack’]. once i diverted from all of the humans, it was so pleasant. i sat on a bench by the water—looking out at the statue of liberty—and it was bliss. *snapshot*

i also walked uptown a couple of miles yesterday. it’s so interesting when i go uptown because i truly feel like i’m in such a completely different city. the buildings are taller and newer, the people are older and wearing suits; it’s a whole new world. i took a pit stop in madison square park—a park i’d never been to—and i saw three separate old woman wearing pearls + walking weiner dogs. *snapshot*

walking at night is my version of heaven. [disclaimer to my parents: i always walk on busy streets with many people around me + good lighting] i love listening to either top 40 songs or musicals when i walk at night—both pump me up in equally yet very different ways. last night, ’21 guns’ from ‘american idiot’ the musical came on and the beat was so perfect with my footsteps; couldn’t have planned it better if i tried. *snapshot*

i finally ate something that wasn’t a bagel from dunkin’ donuts 

saturday i lived my very own ‘diners, drive-ins, + dives’.

for lunch, i met with one of my mom’s best friends from high school and her daughter, and her daughter’s roommate. it was really great to meet them; the daughter has had some crazy awesome internships that were fun to hear about.

we ate at a restaurant called balthazar in soho. i don’t really read about restaurants but apparently, balthazar is the talk of the town—and i see why. our waiter listed off some of the celebs he’s hosted, and let me tell ya, like all of these people have been on the cover of ‘people’. david beckham + julia louis dreyfus + jessica alba – the list goes on. not only does this place have the celeb stamp of approval, but now they also have mine. which i’m sure they’re very excited about. i got avocado toast with an egg and salsa on top and oh baby jesus it was delicious.

later that night, i met up with one of my favorite people from camp tecumseh—alli kenney. alli and i have known each other for five or so years and i am just a really big fan of hers. she was in town to interview for teaching jobs because she’s moving to the city after she graduates in may! yay alli! we got sushi—my first time having sushi since i’ve been here. how is that even possible? i was so happy to see my friend + to end my sushi drought.

i didn’t get a seat but i sat anyways 

i oftentimes get overwhelmed with all of the stuff going on here. there’s so much to do + i feel pressure to go to everything. but you know what, plethora of events available for little to no money in new york city? sometimes i get tired and i just want to watch netflix like a normal college student. [tonight is one of those nights. i was planning on going to an early screening of the lonely island’s movie but instead i am in bed, writing. is that bad? should i feel guilty about this?] anyways, monday night there was an event that i wasn’t going to miss—no matter what. it was too good.

i am prepared for the daggers many of you are about to direct towards your screen after this next sentence; i don’t love tina fey. [are you doing it? are you mentally dagger-ing me?] i don’t know what it is, i’ve tried to love her and the stuff she makes. i’ve given ’30 rock’ so many chances + ‘unbreakable kimmy schmidt’ about half of the amount i’ve given ’30 rock’. i’ve tried. swear. the reason i’m mentioning this is because i went to see jane krakowski speak at the lincoln center. she plays characters on both of those shows + she’s also been in a lot of stage stuff. when i have watched tina’s stuff, i’ve noticed jane. so i was excited to see her speak.

but i was more excited to see zosia mamet. she plays shoshanna on ‘girls’—one of my favorite shows + something i’ve already talked about on this thing. shoshanna is my favorite character and zosia is a young gal in the industry, so i look up to her lots.

jane and zosia sat on a small stage and had a conversation about life + work + their worst auditions + their best memories + it was a total joy. i got to the venue 45 minutes early and all of the seats were already gone. but don’t worry, i wasn’t about to stand for two hours. i found a little corner [with an outlet to charge my phone—do i get bonus points for this?] where i was able to sit on the floor and still see them. i walked away from the talk feeling very inspired and very proud of my dedication to sitting.

i did it! i sort of won something! 

it’s been covered in detail this semester, but i love broadway shows. i love them, i like them, i crave them. because i have no money [‘we get it, abby, you have no money like every other person your age stop talking about it’—you, probably] i have taken to entering ticket lotteries on this stellar app i downloaded called ‘today tix’. they offer pretty discounted tickets anyways, but their lottery prices are like basically getting into the show fo’ free. the only problem is the whole you have to win the lottery in order to get the really cheap tickets thing.

every day that i can [remember], i enter the lottery’s for john krasinski’s sold out play ‘dry powder’ and the musical ‘fun home’.

yesterday was just like any other day. i woke up, entered the lottery, and got ready for my day. while going for a stroll uptown, i got an email that while i hadn’t won the ‘fun home’ lottery, i was eligible for a way discounted ticket for that night’s show. i texted my parents to see if it was worth it—they both responded with ‘go!!!!’—and my spontaneous night at the theater was set in stone.

because i knew my friends were busy on wednesday nights, i’d only entered the lottery for one ticket, so i was only offered one ticket. i’d never been to the theater alone before, so i was excited to try it out.

in true bien fashion, i got to the show with three minutes to spare. i didn’t know it, but ‘fun home’ is done in a round, meaning the audience circles the entire stage. it was a fun surprise, one i think added a lot to the story.

‘fun home’ was one of the rawest musicals i’ve ever seen. it wasn’t flashy, there was no dancing, and the tone + storyline itself was very intimate. basically, the show is about a girl named allison’s life. there are three allison’s in the show—an 8 year old allison , a college freshman allison, and an adult allison. throughout the show, you learn about allison and her relationship with her dad + her realization that both she and him are gay. it’s heartbreaking and hilarious and i loved it all so much.

when i got to the show, i had one of those dreaded ‘this character will be played by this actor tonight’ papers in my playbill. i get nervous around understudies; in my experience, they’re very hot + cold.

in ‘fun home’ the actor who won the tony for playing the dad —the guy who originated the character—was played by an understudy. i thought a little ‘oh shit’ when i saw that and i spent the first few minutes making sure the understudy was solid. then i came to my senses and remembered that this dude is on broadway—he knows what he is doing. he was so good. i don’t know how the other dad could’ve been any better. i was being broadway pretentious and i am ashamed.

see this show if you can. hopefully it will start touring soon. not only is it just a dang good show, but it touches on so much important stuff. the perfect combo.

and now is when i recommend things without you asking me to

podcasts. i love ’em. i talked about ‘this american life’ last week, which i love, but i love a lot of other podcasts just as much. here are three of my other faves.

[wtf with marc maron] maron is not my favorite comic on his own, but i think he’s a really talented interviewer. and he gets legit people on this thing. lorne michals + daniel radcliffe + my main man louis ck are my recent faves. louis has done two podcasts with marc—they’re really good friends—and they are a total treat. i’ve never heard him talk more freely about his process anywhere else—if you like him at all, it’s worth it to listen.

[you made it weird with pete holmes] if you can get past pete’s terrible laugh—worse than jimmy fallon’s—he’s a cool dude + a fun interviewer. similar feel to ‘wtf’, with a little more structure. he always has his guests talk about their faith + beliefs and it’s way interesting. keegan michael key has been my favorite one so far.

[beautiful stories from anonymous people] chris gethard is a crazy funny comedian—i’ve seen him open for mike birbiglia, and he’s on ‘broad city’. i first heard about his new podcast from ‘this american life’ #thanksiraglass. the premise is simple. a stranger calls gethard, and they talk for an hour. gethard isn’t allowed to hang up—the stranger can if they want—and the conversation must end at the hour. i’m addicted to this thing. gethard understands people like [good] therapists understand people. he is so warm and non-judgmental and the conversations are nothing but fascinating. ‘the cycle of life’ has been my favorite one so far. listen to this one, i beg of you.

i’m going to end this uninvited recommendation section by saying WATCH ‘LEMONADE’. i hate capital letters but i just used them in case there’s any way at all that that is more convincing for you. don’t just listen to the album, watch it. it is a masterpiece. my film professor spent forty minutes talking about it in class this morning. my nyu film professor thinks that beyonce’s film is the best piece of art he’s seen in years. i watched it sunday on my hbo account that i get free from nyu [i’m not joking] and i haven’t stopped thinking about it since. it’s not on hbo anymore, but you can get a free month of tidal and watch it. you have no excuse. it’s an hour. just do it.

throwback to when i started writing this + thought in my head ‘this one’s gonna be short’. if you made it to the end, congrats! your reward is this link to get a free month of tidal so you can watch ‘lemonade’!!! how fun! xx abby


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