beyoncé poops too

hello! i am very tired right now. there are multiple people around me [i’m at the library] who are taking naps on the floor. very tempted to join in. almost joined in. seriously considering joining in. i guess while i ponder if i am the type of person who naps in public, i will write. apologies for the spelling errors in advance.

[update | i left the library + went home and took a nap. it is many hours later. i am ready to write now.]

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feeling sentimental [ew]

three weeks. three weeks is all we’ve got left, folks. it feels weird. v weird. okay, on to the writing.

i just want to go to brunch 

leading up to this semester, i spent a good year envisioning what my life would be like in the city. i dreamed of the shops and the shows and the bars and the food. oh, the food. i dreamed of the food so hard.

what i didn’t take into consideration whilst dreaming was that to follow these particular dreams, i needed something. something called money. and as a college student living in one of the most expensive boroughs in the world, i have a knack for being broke.

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i can’t think of a title

hello! long time no type! last week i didn’t feel like writing a blog post. so i didn’t. okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to it.

being a grown up adult person is weird 

i feel like so much of my life is spent planning for the future. every day that i’ve been in new york, i’ve thought about summer internships. i’ve spent hours looking up different internships, in different places, for different types of organizations. i’ve spent hours applying for said internships. and i’ve spent weeks waiting to hear from these internships. [can i just say that every organization should be required to contact you whether or not you get a position. so many of them just leave you in the dark, waiting to hear back, when they know they’re not picking you. like just tell me i didn’t get the job so i can move on and stop worrying, plz and thank u.]

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most of this isn’t about nyc sry

hello! i feel like i haven’t written on this thing in so long, when in actuality, it’s only been like ten days. time is weird on the brain.

the west side is takin’ over the east village 

i will be the first one to say it—the second i graduated from high school, i ran [fast-walked i don’t run] away from that place and didn’t look back. i did that not because i didn’t have a wonderful high school experience—i did. i enjoyed the community that west side brought me so much and i can confidently say west lafayette was the best place to grow up.

there’s just something about being surrounded by the same people, everyday, for fifteen years that was exhausting to me. i mean, the people that i deemed my best friends in first grade because we had matching socks—we were sort of stuck to each other until graduation. it’s not like there were new kids coming in every year. at west side, there was 180 of us, from beginning to end. and i guess i just needed a break.

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bringing some corn to the apple | part two

part two—here we go! so much fun stuff happened in four days, i kind of can’t believe it.

monday | march 14th 

on monday morning, the bien clan [sans madeleine] arrived in the city. i’ve seen my parents once since i got here and i haven’t seen tommy at all, so i was really ready to be reunited.

right when they got here, we headed to the iconic ed sullivan theater to see stephen colbert in action.

i love late night television. my dream is to work for a late night talk show. because i’m a millenial college student who is #hip with the times, i really only watch late night through youtube, but i watch it daily nonetheless. i like every late night host for different reasons, but in case you’re wondering [i’m sure you’re not], here is my official list.

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bringing some corn to the apple | part one

hello! i am as disappointed as you are that i am posting this four days late. actually, you’re probably not that disappointed because this blog is understandably very low on your radar and truthfully, i’m not that disappointed either. what can i say? i’m a procrastinator and i’m proud.

but really, i have a good reason for my hiatus. it was spring break this past week—and you know what that means! beaches! sun! tan! margaritas!

so while none of that gloriousness graced my life this past week [except for the margarita part], i did have a very eventful #SB2k16. and so begins the recap. i suggest you grab a diet coke or some cheezits to accompany you—this is gonna be a long one, folks.

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women r cool

every day should be international women’s day

last night as i was falling asleep, i really disliked myself. why? because i had lived through international women’s day 2016 and i hadn’t celebrated on any form of social media. but i had very valid and respectable reasons for my silence. one, i was busy planning + filming + editing a new short film due tomorrow and i was very stressed, friends. two, i have so much to say about so many women and i wanted to save it for this post.

this past week, i got to witness six super inspirational + intelligent goddesses in the flesh.

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