let’s just jump into it.

he was sixty and had a silver bob 

this past weekend was rather chill. i started rewatching “louie” because the newest season is coming out on netflix and so far, it’s been a beautiful experience. there’s no reason you really need to know this information, but i kinda love that i’ve mentioned louis c.k. in every post and i’m not about to ruin that flow. so there, louis c.k has made an appearance. let’s move on.

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happy one month nyc!

i’ve been here for a month! oh how time flies when you’re having fun.

lights camera action

this morning, my first short film was due. it was screened in front of my entire class and afterwards i went to the front of the room while it was discussed in great detail. and it was overwhelming and nerve wracking and incredibly helpful.

my movie was okay. the requirement for this film was that it include a chase sequence. i enlisted my friend neha and she played a paranoid girl walking through washington square park. she was fidgety and nervous and she couldn’t stop looking around, trying to see if someone was following her. it was then revealed during some close-up shots that an imagined version of her own self was following her.

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tired n’ inspired

i’m back and it’s been exactly a week. look at that i can be punctual and reliant! i’m sticking with the headline thing i did last week—i think it worked well. i’m a fan.

lots o’ coughing lots o’ netflix.

i’m sick and it sucks. i started feeling lousy on saturday and i’m just now starting to feel completely good-ish. being sick is the worst because your whole plan and schedule gets thrown out the window and you’re stuck watching “jane the virgin” for hours on end. actually, watching “jane the virgin” for hours on end is not a bad deal. but being sick is.

side note, if you’re not watching “jane the virgin”. watch “jane the virgin”. it’s on netflix. i don’t really have anything clever or funny or charming to say about it because nothing i say can adequately explain how clever and funny and charming this show is.

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lots of stuff to say, again.

okay, i know, i know, it’s been more than a week since my first post. not even two weeks into this thing, and i’m already behind. isn’t that just how it goes sometimes? or, more accurately, isn’t that how it goes all the time when you’re an expert procrastinator like me?

anyways, i hope you are all doing well! i want to thank you for being so darn lovely with my first post. it was so nice hearing from so many different people from so many different corners of my life. i really appreciate it!

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honey, i’m home [temporarily]

hello friends! i’m going to give this whole blogging thing a go. we’ll see what happens. wish me luck.

a couple of housekeeping notes to start us off. first, the name of the site is “corn to apple” because i’m going from indiana to nyc. get it? okay, cool. second, i’ve noticed that a lot of these travel blogs are filled with pictures. this one will not be. well, that’s not totally true. i will try my best to get more photos. but when you’re living in a neighborhood with a million people and none of them are tourists, you look kind of silly with a camera around your neck. when i do touristy things, i will whip out the DSLR. but for now, words will have to do.

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